things the dead say

I am waiting for the proof copy of “things the dead say” which is my new poetry collection from Oneiros Books. According to Dave Mitchell, the proprtetor there, it has the Iggy factor, which means that it runs around and shows its ass. The first blurb runs “Love hate murder sex – the boiling down of western culture to its primitive urges, horror movies as the sublimation of our self-loathing, married to a critique of the ‘society of the spectacle'”. 

I think this book is better than the last one and it’s in four parts. So in some ways it’s like a book centipede of four chapbooks sewn together mouth to ass. Doing that with humans is awesome, and it works with books too. Buy it when it comes out- link to follow.

And I forgot the cover, here it is and thanks to Michael Mc Aloran for use of his
awesome painting here.
things the dead say