desire & the desert

140 odd poems “inspired” by Deleuze & Guattari’s  Mille plateaux are now on sale here at Black Editions Press. Following is the blurb that Carolyn Srygley-Moore wrote for it:

“Despite the innate rationalism of the traditional philosopher ..something I’ve never excelled at … David McLean’s poetry does not fall flat into any sort of rigidity. An atheist, David, when asked, says that principles, & secular humanism, are not obligatory tenets of atheism, indeed, are counterproductive. Humanism presupposes a higher notion of the human, a reverence for it, yet David & his work retain and glitter with an irreverent & delightful disdain for humanity, the devolution of the human race. A scholar of and practitioner of ancient, modern & postmodern philosophies, the “body without organs” trembles in his poetry, inviting the reader though millions of conduits into a sensibility of ghost death love childhood in a voice original such as few modern voices I’ve confronted in my reading. Vistas open.”

It’s not very expensive for its size, so get one if you like.




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