Horror Sleaze Trash with Jennifer

Four texts by Jennifer Chesler & myself will be appearing in Horror Sleaze Trash, which is another highly recommended publication.

I have never written collaboratively before, but am enormously pleased by the things we have been writing.

At this link there is some stuff from me there in 2011. At this link there is some stuff from 2016.


The Stray Branch

I am pleased to say that there will be six by me in The Stray Branch, Spring/Summer 2017 issue. I don’t bother to submit much nowadays, but I’ve had work there before & Debbie Berk, the editor, is cool, so I sent some. TSB is a great magazine, & I’m very  pleased to be there again.

Here’s the 2012 issue i was in (Vol 10) at Amazon.

Here’s Vol. 5, from way back in prehistory, 2010, also at Amazon..