Cockwombles reach Google

Here is the Google Books result for The Natural History of the Cockwomble, Philosophy of Extremism II by Jennifer S. Chesler, my wife, & myself. This is a great book which describes the Natural History of the Cockwomble by describing  a few cockwombles & their antics. Thus it becomes an indictment of sexism & patriarchy in modern society.

Chesler also writes lovingly of my huge & delicious cock, something these previous cockwombles sadly lacked.




New book – The Natural History of the Cockwomble

Jennifer Chesler & David McLean are very pleased with recent work, being sick fucks, & have published The Natural History of the Cockwomble: Or, The Philosophy of Extremism Volume II via Nickle Hole Press, it is forthcoming from Amazon & other capitalist literary brothels soon, but is already on sale at this link. Here is the back cover blurb:

A book of “faction” & fiction that describes bad parenting styles leading to rape at the age of fifteen, prostitution & later revictimization. It also contains BDSM-themed fictional pieces & snippets from the authors’ real lives, along with some analysis of the real elements in terms of psychologically-oriented feminism & philosophy. 



Killing a Shrink

new extract from next book:

I, Jennifer S. Chesler, fucking want to kill my psychiatrist. I want to torture him first, though. I think castration would be good to start with.

He prescribed a medication called Saphris, an atypical antipsychotic, allowed off-label for bipolar I, though not sufficiently researched for this use. Now I am going off it & am going through the worst withdrawal in my life, without the doctor ever warning me what i would be in for when I went off the drug.

This morning it looked like I pissed the bed since it was so wet from sweat. My husband cleaned the mattress & had to carry me to the bathroom. My mood swings are rapid & severe, so much so that i woke up this morning laughing as I rolled around on the floor. This drug should be illegal.

Jennifer noted the malice of the psychiatrist & David was able to point out that her Jew nose was partly responsible. She resented the way David would suck the nose, using the tip of his tongue to deftly extricate boogers that lurked in its depths. She had witnessed the woo-woo boy harassing his giant wife for snot, * been deeply traumatized, though her own husband proved to be ten times worse.

David remained enormously happy that the shrink, Dr Cunticles, actually boasted that his IQ was 130. He couldn’t get over this; the Catholic ass bandit actually thought that either David or Jennifer would think that this redeemed his tiny mind, full as it was of the chewed nipples of the blessed anal virgin & cum-soaked choir boys. (This is how Catholics jack off.)

Jennifer was titrating down everything deftly, since David knew drugs, & liked seeing her squirming hornily, her legs flapping around as he drove his cock in like a sledgehammer. She seemed to like this too, but it’s like the smack babies – are they crying or are they laughing? Does it really matter?

Jennifer blamed the psychiatrist for a lot of things. If a bitch is anorexic then one should consider fat weight when medicating, & the lithium toxicity in 2015 was pretty obviously implicated in the polyneuropathy. Dr. Bongo was not very good at being a shrink, Jennifer thought. David pointed out that his job was to be an obnoxious retarded Nazi cockwomble, & he was doing a great job at that. The point of psychiatry is eloquently explained by the notorious poofter & junkie Foucault. We think that he was into BDSM, or at least we hope that he was. The point of psychiatry is discipline & torture of the unruly & divergent, to force everything into a noxious & stupid conformity. They hate it when somebody has a theoretical understanding of the exigencies of Dasein & jacking it in Vegas as required. (Poor Jennifer has to use two hands, & it is her dream to bugger David with a huge strap-on as revenge. He showers without adjusting the temperature correctly; he doesn’t like to bend over the bathtub too long).

Finally, we must mention cocks. We are speculating here, but Jennifer constantly references David’s schlong in texts like “big cock bastard”, though David is humble about the glory of his genitalia, & we both feel that Dr. Gobbles does not have anything particularly scary swinging between his legs. (He wears a pedometer, can you believe that, gentle reader? We assume that this means that he swallows too).

The anti-psychotic Saphris meant that Jennifer discovered, when tapering off, that even her sense of taste was damaged, the food tasted better. Not to mention the grabbing David’s cock in her sleep & finally getting to come while they fucked on account of the special properties of the dong in question, David generally invokes Baphomet while fucking, but didn’t even need to this time. Is it surprising that a Christian shrink should give a Jewish woman, who is smarter than he is & a pervert to boot, a medication that totally messes up her senses?

We may joke most of the time, but seriously, fuck these Nazi scumbags.

Fragments on Amazon

Jennifer S. Chesler’s Fragments is now at Amazon etc. Here is the link. It is well worth reading.

Fragments is a collection of pieces that explore such topics as dog sex in the Phoenix area,the stupidity of the average American, & the author’s mental illness & poverty, both by circumstance & psychogenesis at the hostile hands of her family. Jennifer S. Chesler is an author who is influenced by deconstruction, dadaism, nihilism, & situationism.

not readily admitted

Here is another piece about a couple of officious self-righteous assholes from Jennifer’s history of shit-for-brains psychiatrists. All these pieces are coming in The Natural History of the Cockwomble later this year.

not readily admitted

The psychiatrist, Dr. Cunt Buggles, was responsible for the rape in question by medicating Jennifer all the way to mania, grotesquely incompetent. Indiana sees women as fundamentally cum-buckets & cunt, though there is obscurity – let’s face facts we are seeing as though through a retarded ass darkly, & the moronic therapist told my wife further to meet people by going to a book club, of all fucking things, the nameless Christian asshole was literally wallowing in the cum of JC, the coming suffering of seedy sememes.

Dr. Bugger buckled his shoe, & if you’re lucky he’ll buckle yours too. He says he has twelve pairs of buckling buckled shoes. I said to him fuck you buck you are out of luck & shit too all of it in your intestines wrapping like a necklace around your organs; doctor dear, another whispered in my ear earlier, I am another shrink & I think you’re attractive too. Sex & religion abound in my fields of vaginal blossoms. Georgia O’Keefe painted well. But she was no psychiatrist Biggles or Toff, the shrink that was attracted to me. I bet he had a diptych dick bifurcated into spouts shooting like two nippled breasts lactating down his chest & legs. But he was a flug master at heart. Buggles too. Similar. (Flug is where belly button elves feed, related obviously to the Swedish lint swap ceremony).

Hyar hyar hyar, said the shrink Buggles, Mebbe you should not take them there lithiums, but pray to Babby Jesus to heal yer sole. It’s a sure fire done deal, like, be done cured of the Jew disease, the killin’ of purty Babby Jesus. Sometimes the doctors in Indiana stagger under the sheer weight of their brains.

(a psychiatrist is naturally a medium of social control, disciplining the unruly bodies of the allegedly insane, especially women, though Buggles lacked the intellectual acumen to take a broad view of the big picture, his IQ being a mere 130, of which he boasted. Them there Christians like to kneel before the cross, taking it from Babby Jebus, the sweet seed, the semantics, the seminar, the semen.)

Proselytizing in Indiana

For your delectation we present a piece from one of our works in progress, The Natural History of the Cockwomble: The Philosophy of Extremism II. The piece presents two cockwombles in all their egregious glory.

Proselytizing in Indiana

Dr. C.E. Bongo, Jennifer’s psychiatrist, took the “psyche” part seriously. When she was depressed, he attacked by suggesting Xianity as a viable remedy. He presented a stupid version of Pascal’s Wager, admittedly incorrectly formulated, though the original argument is not valid.

Because of American sexism, Jennifer has always concealed her IQ. Bongo seriously thought that his own paltry 130 was impressive, though Jennifer & David found it somewhat “short bus”.

Yes, sad, but no to Jesus as my savior.

Dr.:  Have you ever thought of Christianity and accepting Christ as your therapeutic recourse?

Me:  No, I am an atheist.

Dr.:  Think about it. You tell Jesus everything and you are allowed in heaven. If I’m right, I have an afterlife. If I’m wrong, nothing is lost. It’s win-win either way.

Me:  No, I’m not interested.

Observe that Jennifer is a Christ-killer, so this dialog is pretty fucking anti-Semitic. Observe that Bongo did not say “recourse”, he don’t talk too good, David inserted that to satisfy Jennifer’s predilection for “elegant variation”. The short dialog is obviously wonderful. How mediocre is one as a doctor allowed to be? This person knew nothing whatsoever about his patient. Both David & Jennifer guessed his low IQ when abusing him previously for enabling rape. It seems that he has a small dick. This means that he rates worldly pleasures low.

Apart from a stupid psychiatrist, she had a moron for a psychologist. Xians & other cults do love to pick on the mentally ill, since they are susceptible. It seems extraordinary that the US of A allows doctors to do this, but the land is pretty fucked in many ways.

Me:  I am lonely in Anderson. No idea how to make intelligent friends.

Therapist:  Have you ever thought of a book club?

Me:  Yes, but it would annoy me more than help.

Therapist:  I don’t know, but I am part of a book club, and it’s a nice way to spend time having intelligent conversation.

Me:  Oh.

Therapist:  We pray before we sit down to talk about the book we read. I recommend it highly.

The shrink Dr. Fuckles did not see why the above dialog with the therapist was insulting to Jennifer, though if these assholes were to actually read this text, we recommend that they start praying now, the little daughters & sons of whores.”Hail to Thee Lord Satan, Prince of Darkness, for we bring you the meat of babies, both baptized & unbaptized, along with the flesh of morons.”

(Seriously, we are writing to point out that M. Foucault knew his stuff. The control of unruly bodies & all that fascism, but we find the cruci-fiction of interest only as gay snuff porn – the vulnerable boy on the cross, the mother on her knees before him, gobbling away.

foucault 1

The lost spanking tapes!

In our researches, Jennifer Chesler & i have encountered a challenge & a terrible dilemma. OMG, there are more tapes, where are the lost tapes? Our sex life, our mental health, our age play, & our literary development depend upon these tapes, detailing the exploits of the spanking judge (the Texan one, not the fictional Italian one). we cannot express strongly enough how this material excites us, & clearly others, as shown by the missing comments section on the YouTube version of the tape that we possess.

For a full transcript of one of these tapes. please see our book The Philosophy of Extremism. At the link or at Barnes & Noble.