Poems for Jennifer III

Though I had decided to stop writing, when I met Jennifer S. Chesler I changed my mind a little & decided to write, roughly, a trilogy of books of poems about her. Here is the third & last of these from Nickel Hole Press.

In the future I shall devote any time I have to promoting her career, since I regard her work as of greater significance than my own. I do, however, feel that these last three books, especially this last one, Poems for Jennifer III, are easily my best work to date.

Here is the first book by the way, Poems for Jennifer, & here is the second one, Poems for Jennifer II, both at Amazon.



Poems for Jennifer

Via Nickle Hole Press, I announce that my maybe last & definitely best book of poems is now out here, Poems for Jennifer.

EDIT: & i did it as an e-book. Here at Lulu for $2.99 but soon at the usual e-book marketplaces.

pfj ebook cover