The Stray Branch

Fall/winter issue  of The Stray Branch due soon. Work by me in it thanks to editor Debbie Berk. For now there’s a featured poem by me here on the first page, you need to scroll down a bit. Illustration by Debbie there, it kicks ass.


The Stray Branch

I am pleased to say that there will be six by me in The Stray Branch, Spring/Summer 2017 issue. I don’t bother to submit much nowadays, but I’ve had work there before & Debbie Berk, the editor, is cool, so I sent some. TSB is a great magazine, & I’m very  pleased to be there again.

Here’s the 2012 issue i was in (Vol 10) at Amazon.

Here’s Vol. 5, from way back in prehistory, 2010, also at Amazon..